I'll try to be brief. I always loved art. I studied visual arts at Brigham Young University and left with a BFA in Photography for Los Angeles. In LA I worked under a master of lighting, Jerry Garns Studio. He showed me how to shoot cars, people and places in a majestic way. And how to tackle photo assignments with courage, and faith. I launched my business full-time in Arizona with my wife Tami, and we watched our family and business grow over the years. After 12 blessed years in the Phoenix area, we took our family to the Rocky Mountains to show our 4 girls the beauty of seasons. I'm now headquartered at Studebaker Studios in downtown Provo, Utah. 
I've truly enjoyed taking on the vast array of assignments that have come to me from various industries over the last 15+ years. Educational assignments in distant countries, and healthcare shoots across the USA. I've worked for resorts, campuses, athletes, banks, law firms, and restaurants. Product companies making shoes, leather goods, blenders, and fine clothes.  I feel like client lists are a bit deceiving, because clients unfortunately come and go, and some  assignments can be large, but others also very minimal in scope. It's best to let the work speak for itself, free of labels and "likes". Nonetheless, here is a partial client list: 
MATRIX L’Oreal, U.S. Army, Nokona Leather Goods, PEARSON Publishing, NIVEA Skin care, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Direct TV, NBC Universal, California Pools, Blendtec, KIZIK shoes, Manly Bands, &Collar, Nat Nast Luxury Originals, Paradise Bakery,  Layla Sleep, Click Funnels, No BS Skincare, CIGNA Healthcare, Edupoint Educational Systems, Inspirage, Shamrock Foods, Gold Medal Gym, McKesson, Radiant Health, NY Loft...
And here is a selfie of me hiking with our little Juju.