Jake lives in Provo, Utah with his wife Tami and their 4 daughters.
 "My parents bought a Canon AE-1 when I was in high school. It seems like we would take the film to the grocery store to get it developed. I sort of adopted it, mostly documenting mischievous acts of teenagers.   Seeing the pictures always made my day. It wasn't long before I took over on my dad's first video camera as well. My brothers, friends and I would shoot ridiculous movies. I would edit "in camera", so to speak, rewinding the VHS tape over the "mess ups" and then reshooting. With wardrobe sponsored by thrift stores, and a soundtrack blasting radio tunes we recorded on cassette tapes from our boom box, many bad ideas were born. I guess that's where this all began: playing around with cameras, trying to have fun and making art. Then life evolved and I enrolled in a fine art photography class as a freshman in college. My physics and calculus classes suffered when I realized I wanted to take pictures all day long.  Major events followed that harnessed and refined my vision:  a two-year mission to South America;  a BFA in Photography from Brigham Young University; and work as a studio manager for a professional commercial shooter in Los Angeles. Today I create both still and video imagery for various companies in diverse industries, in and out of the studio. But the goal has always been the same: take pictures, make art, have fun."
Partial Client List: 
MATRIX L’Oreal, U.S. Army, Nokona Leather Goods, KIZIK shoes, PEARSON Publishing, NIVEA Skin care, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Direct TV, NBC Universal, BYU TV, California Pools, Manly Bands, &Collar, Layla Sleep, CIGNA Healthcare, Edupoint Educational Systems, Shamrock Foods, McKesson, NY Loft...